HOOKS & THE DAGGERS: This is Ballroom Thrash: CD

Jul 07, 2006

This album showcases what is good with music, punk, and sarcasm. This album has some of the best song titles, lyrics, and wittiness around. The album starts out with “Fuck You Punk this Is Ballroom Thrash,” which blatantly proclaims their hate for publicists, the music industry, and generic fashion. Other cleverness that I applaud, is “It’s 9:11, Do You Know Where Your Rights Are?”, “Self-Proclaimed Anarchists Are Usually Just Douche Bags” (and I can’t help but love when people are referred to as douche bags), “The Rain on My Car Is a Baptism,” “Sterilized (I Think You Should Be)”—which has amazing schizophrenic yet harmonized vocals on the chorus—and “Botox Disaster (Another Dead Yuppie).” And the lyrics are just as good as the song titles. The music reminds me of a severely sped up Soviettes with a dude singing but hitting some charming high notes.

 –jenny (Moodkiller)