Feb 15, 2007

Oh hell. You keep thinking it can’t get scummier. The gutter has a bottom. Then filthy, smelly humans like Jeffrey Novak or The Fatals come along. And now Homostupid is taking music to Neanderthal levels. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t dicking around or making noise, this is screaming and fast gnarly Black Flagy guitar, fukkin controlled chaos and proud of it - you can even tell all the songs apart. I just saw a Nova episode showing that man and caveman lived alongside each other as very different species. This is us and Homostupid. Fucking hunting the same animals but cavemen were much more successful in the forests, in tight spaces. Scary spaces. Big ass forehead, yeah, but smart, man, smart. Homostupid is the next fukked up thing.

 –mike (My Mind’s Eye Records, mymindseyerecords.com)