HOMOSTUPIDS: Cat Music: 7"

Sep 30, 2008

I can’t get enough of bands that somehow rip total noise and amp destruction—yet creep a song inside it. The Homostupids can keep it simple but interesting, punishing with a catch. They are basically hardcore with the screaming and pushing the feedback thunder, but I’ve never been bored with their songs. You’d think they were half-assed with the scribbled covers (look across the 45s, their name is always slapped on by hand but not copied and pasted) but it’s just something to hold the music in. With two of the three songs close to two minutes each, this is epic, even with a moment of a horn section playing one of their older tracks, “Sixths.” They always add in weird shit that makes sense to them. Get it now.

 –mike (Fashionable Idiots)