HOMICIDES, THE: Black Leather Redneck: 12” EP

Jul 29, 2010

When a band has a song called “I Fuck Girls Too Young for Me,” they have my undivided attention. And it’s even better when their music can back up subject matter like that. Not some pussy pose or some affected snot-nosed bullshit, The Homicides are knuckles dragging across the ground punk rock that isn’t afraid of upsetting anyone. I imagine they revel in it. I hope they do, at least. I love punk most when it’s not looking to make friends with everyone. Loud, brash and uglier than that hag you took home last night when the house lights came on at the bar. At least here, you have no regrets the next day. They cover the Fuck Ups (SF) “I Think Your Shit” quite well, and that should be an indicator where these miscreants are coming from.

 –M.Avrg (Vertex Audio, [email protected])