HOLY SHIT!: Self-titled: LP

Mar 17, 2008

Wanna make a pact? Just you and me. Let’s all disregard that twenty or so years after Agnostic Front released Cause for Alarm, in 1986—all the way through what Victory Records commandeered through the ‘90s and morphed into karate chops, questionable metal, and dance moves that required starting phantom lawn mowers—and do some reclamation of the word “hardcore.” It’s confusing those of us who don’t want to be in tough-dude gangs but like cantankerous and fast music that’s the musical equivalent of watching a brain tumor grow in fast forward. The only muscles I want to see “flexed” during my hardcore experiences are throats and brains and whatever ligaments are attached to the occasional funny bone. High fives to Holy Shit! for keeping the much-more-enduring spirit of Necros, Angry Samoans, Void, and Die Kreuzen alive. Nice.

 –todd (Criminal IQ)