HOLY SHIT: Old Hat: 7”

As one of the fastest and best releases I’ve heard in a minute, this 7” gives me complete and utter faith in punk rock again and upholds the notion that Milwaukee bands rule everything around us. Guitars frequently switch from spurting into manic strokes and rotating into break down as vocals. The vocals are reminiscent of Dez Cadena and bark through to me between the manic feelings this record brings. Raw, rich with anger, and rich with feeling, I am once again left with wanting more: more songs, more records, more shows, more anger, more passion. I can’t stress enough how much this makes me feel, and how purely fun it is. I am truly in love with this record. 

 –Genevieve Armstrong (Vinyl Smash, vinylsmash.com / Cat Trash, cattrashrecords.com / Dirty Hippy Barn)