HOLY MOUNTAIN, THE: Wrath and Entrails: 7" EP and LP

Jun 29, 2007

Wrath 7”: In this day and age of Cookie Monster and Yosemite Sam vocalists, bands rockin’ blast beats and others slapping it more mid-paced silky, it’s really essential that the speed of the record is noted somewhere on the paper label in the middle of the vinyl (or at least the packaging). I’m betting on 45, but can’t be totally sure. At that speed, it sounds like Henry Rollins’ pre-Black Flag band, SOA: pretty much all speed, not a lot of melody, more of like listening to machine gun fire, but somehow catchy. If it’s 33, these dudes really like Tragedy: doomy and crust-laden, hidden-chord hardcore. Fuck if I know which it is. Entrails: Uhm, yeah. I was wrong about the speed of the 7”. It was 33. These guys are in the bombed-out cathedral of From Ashes Rise, Tragedy, and Born Dead Icons. If you ever wished Lemmy of Motörhead was in a punk band and love the sonic equivalent of being half-buried in a graveyard, trying to scratch out of the soil while bombs are dropping all around, these dudes fit the bill. I’m pre-conditioned to like this stuff (it’s tremendous for drives through gentrified neighborhoods, pretending houses are being firebombed and the music bubble is magically protecting you) and they do a fine job at capturing the mood and power.

 –todd (No Idea)