HOLY MOUNTAIN, THE: Bloodstains Across Your Face in Decline...: CD

Nov 08, 2006

This is one of the dudes from Combatwoundedveteran, who I always liked but they seemed to kinda pigeonhole themselves. This new band is way more diverse. It's great hardcore that draws from a lot of stuff: there's some d-beat, some thrash, some gnarly blastbeats and even a little bit of dark melody to it. Their cover of Crass' "Big Hands" is really good. They do an excellent job of capturing the feel of what made the original good, and then take it up a notch to fit well with the rest of the songs on the record. If you're into stuff like the Sainte Catharines, you'll dig the Holy Mountain. I wish No Idea would put out more records like this.

 –ben (No Idea)