Jul 18, 2011

I seriously get stoked when bands form that take their music waaaayyy out there to somewhere else. Holy Cobras are one of those bands. Punk on acid. The music is loud with abrasive touches and it’s sometimes chaotic. But it’s like it’s melting, warping, and mutating into another life form. Sounds like Chrome/Helios Creed meets Wet Hair. The drums have a mechanical sound, though they are played by a human. The guitar sound is certainly influenced by Helios Creed, and the bass has its own thing going on, while the vocals sound like they’re from a distant place. Interesting juxtapositions, such as in “Fly Pilot Fly,” where the drums are hammering away while the guitar has a repetitive riff that floats upward, creating a different tension. Sometimes the songs degenerate into shambles then suddenly switch into something a little more restrained, though noisy and unconventional.

 –M.Avrg (Telephone Explosion, telephoneexplosion.com)

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