HOLOPAW: “Golden Sparklers” b/w “Yearlings Darlings”: 7”

Nov 13, 2013

All of my alarm bells are going off. Ding! Ding! Ding! High alert! Be careful! Super-pretty playing. Clean, enunciated, sung male voice. Careful instruments. Ultra-clear recording. It’s such a slippery slope to Dave Matthews, Indigo Girls, Maroon 5 (I’m just naming stuff that I think blows and have been exposed to more than I care for; it’s a limited exposure and unfair to Holopaw. I agree.). But there’s something in Holopaw that makes me not hate it (besides Replay Dave’s recommendation), that makes me think that they’re on to something that reclaims some of the bad memories/horrible bands playing on radio waves/satellite/whatever today’s technology is. Holopaw are pretty-sounding, but have verve and a low-burning fire. My toes tap along. They sound delicate and precise, but not fragile. This is a tough sell between listening to the welcome slashings of Neighborhood Brats and Flag Of Democracy, but I’ll give ‘em their due. Indie rock done well.

 –todd (Wild Kindness)