HOLOGRAMS, THE: Night of 1000 Ex-Boyfriends: CD

Mar 06, 2007

I loved thrash, death metal, grindcore and the like but I do have a soft spot for all-girl bands! So the mighty Todd Taylor put this puppy in my inbox at Razorcake HQ. After so many years, he knows his contributors well. I’m guessing that this a L.A. based band featuring two Japanese and two Caucasian (one who looks like a young Britney Spears on bass) players. They crank out some great bubblegum pop melodies with a new wave bent. They also add a snottiness and energy of punk’s early years to their songs. Dual vocal duties are handled with dreamy, yet strong, conviction. They lure you in with sweetness and punch you back with a fierce attack. The music has the charm of seeing so many great garage bands that are rarely witnessed by the masses. I hope I have a chance to check them out live someday.

–don (Teenacide)