HOLLYWOOD HATE: self-titled: CD

Feb 18, 2009

It’s here. It’s finally fucking here. The first Hollywood Hate full length that’s ready to be rammed down your throat like an oversexed face hugger from Aliens and rip you apart from the inside out. I can’t say how much you need to hear this first disc from what I hope, there will be lots more from one of LA’s finest outfits right this moment. If you have had the fortunate pleasure of catching the Hate live, then you know it’s all gold, here, baby. Punk that’s not afraid to rock without makin’ itself look like an asshole. The good stuff. Tooth-chippin’ music. I can almost picture myself ramming your too-hot-for-words Mom as I listen to songs like “Peacemaker,” “Slow Ride,” and “Kickboy.” If you don’t believe a syllable I’m spraying outta my loud mouth, just grab a listen to what they laid down in the studio here on the CD. Now, if yer a Doubting Thomas, cheap-ass motherfuck, you can also access a coupla tunes on their site, but don’t just be a song-sampling yutz. Experience the full-fledged fuck-upping that is Hollywood Hate. You can thank me later when I’m done with yer MILF of a Mom.

 –dale (www.hollywoodhate.com)