HOLLY TREE: Anytime, Anywhere: 7"

Mar 26, 2009

Brazilian band, transplanted to the LA area, give it their all. The title track is where it’s at. Prototypical Hostage-style OC punk rock. It’s a snotty, swaggery, weird-eyed and knowing smirk of a song with great hooks and my favorite of the three. The second song, “Boom Box,” tips a hat to the Dead Boys, where even though it’s not the fastest track in the land, there’s danger on the edges. The b-side, “Drugstore,” starts off as a surf rocker – with echoes of the Blasters of all things – then leaps onto the concrete, knocks out some teeth, and does a good job of being epic and adventurous (read being over three minutes) without being wanky or pretentious (even though there is a drum solo, it fits). Worth keeping an eye out for. Only 300 made.

 –todd (Headline)

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