HOLLY & PLASTIC: We Will Give This World Away: CD

Jan 27, 2015

Track three is called, “If I Were a Folk Singer, Folk Singers Would Laugh,” and it perfectly sums up the sounds that Andrew Johnson (Holly & Plastic) has created. I had looked for a band lineup and learned that this is a one man band project. These songs are very full for just one man. Guitar (both electric and acoustic), drums, bass, and he even back up vocals—I’m guessing he sings with himself, though the voices don’t always seem to match. There are moments I’m reminded of J Mascis, a little Death Cab For Cutie, but mostly Andrew Jackson Jihad. Fairly typical singer / songwriter mellow jams that are good for chillin’ the fuck out. A few of these songs, especially the last track, nearly put me to sleep. If that’s your thing, this is for you. 

 –Kayla Greet (Double Plus Good, doubleplusgoodrecords.com)

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