Aug 25, 2006

Delivering on the promise of their Dirtnap Across the Northwest appearance and their first EP, the Hollow Points serve up angry, tuneful and—dare I say—political punk rock that comes on like a locomotive and doesn’t let up. The lyrics, while usually quite direct, opt for a decidedly meatier poetic flair than “Bush is a fuckin’ asshole” and address more subjects than America’s global transgressions, although a number of songs here address just that. Musically, this comes on like gangbusters, sorta like the mid-point between the Adolescents, NOFX, and Bad Religion, with loud guitars that manage to “chugga-chugga” without sounding overtly metal, a driving rhythm section, and a few surprises up their sleeves (mandolins?!?) to keep you on yer toes. At a time when American culture is being attacked from within by the very people charged to protect it, it’s nice to hear a band outside of the black-clad and crusty crowd that understands that punk is supposed to stand in direct opposition to the powers that be and has enough righteous anger to come off as sincere when they do so. These new-jacks remain one of my favorite bands currently making the rounds.

 –jimmy (Disaster)