HOLIDAY: Holiday: 7” EP

May 30, 2014

The band name has a positive vibe. The title of the EP brings to mind happy times. The energetic melodic punk accompaniment adds further to that feeling, but, ultimately, the lyrics, delivered with a Mancunian accent, throw a caustic cloak over the whole package with a focus on the crap that we are frequently forced to deal with in life. The opening track “Missiles on the Roof” takes a swipe at the London Olympics, not so much the sporting events but everything that occurred on the periphery—in what seemed like a risky move, surface-to-air missile launchers were situated in suburban areas in the event of any kind of threat during the games. There is no drop in quality in the remaining three tracks and this release really does have that perfect juxtaposition of upbeat music and downbeat lyrics. I really like the buzzsaw guitar along with the dynamism that the rhythm section brings to proceedings and I’m definitely left wanting more. This is released by five labels but Brassneck sent me this. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (Brassneck, [email protected],