HOLDING ON: Just Another Day: CD

Sep 09, 2009

There’s something wholesome about no-bullshit, non-metallic, chokehold hardcore. Sharp, powerful breakdowns. Filler-free drumming. This shit’s all filed down to its core and pipebombs out the stereo. Comparisons? I play ‘em right between Crispus Attucks, DS 13 (there’s a wee bit of gnarled melody deep inside), and Negative Approach (where you think the lead singer’s sucking the venom out of his own blood). This shit’s so easy to fuck up. The fact that Holding On make it yet another explosion without it looking like a fifth generation xerox copy of a show that happened two decades ago is impressive. Hard without senseless knuckle dragging or basketball-jersey-wearing floor punchers and tough without the macho pose. It’s also recorded perfectly. The burrs and roughness are intact but the mix remains clear so you can hear the kung-fu from each instrument, if you’re so inclined. Kick your ass good stuff.

 –todd (THD, Havoc, 1 Percent)