HOLD, THE: Need: 12” EP

Sep 30, 2008

This whole punk scene and all the hyped bands is a truly weird thing; not in some important, bestow some grants for sociological research way, but more in a bitter, analytical musing late night conversation level of study. So-called punks are shitting themselves silly over the latest KBD clone, or some band aping the Blitz, but with ten minute jams because they’re somehow pushing the envelope in the minds of a counter culture content to suck up whatever poop is dished to them, all in the name of punk. Well, fuckos, here’s a band that is deserving of one of those wide-eyed “Have you heard...” moments music dinks, such as I, have with my music dink pals. The Hold play quick bursts of hardcore punk that’s loose and erratic without being a complete mess. A bit of legit belligerence in the execution, but none of the affected snot-nosed shit that goes for pennies on the dollar these days. More disturbed and unhinged, really. A steady diet of early L.A. punk mixed up with, say, Born Against, and you’re somewhat there. I can dig it! 

 –M.Avrg (MonoRhetorik, [email protected])