Okay, time for the hardcore checklist. Tough-sounding three word name? Check. Said name in athletic block letters on the front of the disc? Check. Strange cover art depicting a guy with half his face ripped off and busting through a cobweb-covered iron fence? Check. With that out of the way, let’s check the music. Yep, it’s hardcore with all the breakdowns and singalongs. The music is really good and kept me interested throughout. My problem lies with the vocals. First of all, they’re way up front in the mix, such so, that the singer almost becomes cartoon-like. Then the lyrics themselves are pretty typical fare. The “scene,” the “old days,” etc. I hope these guys really don’t hold a grudge. C’mon, you woulda made the joke too! Did I mention the music is really good?

 –ty (Insurgence)