HOGBITCH: Self-titled: CD

May 21, 2014

After writing reviews for a number of years now, a lot of the vitriol I may have once felt for a bad record is gone. I don’t want to unjustly bum anyone out with an acerbic review. Putting out an album is hard work on many levels. Every once in a while, when a record’s downright fucked up, I’ll throw out a little venom, but other than that? It’s just not worth it. However, with that being said… this is a pretty tough one to like. Southern-fried nü metal with bright and operatic female vocals, an odd visual steampunk aesthetic, and song titles like “Life Begins and Ends in the Subterranean Oceans of Ceres.” And, well, there’s the name, Hogbitch. I just find it baffling that four people could have ever fervently high-fived each other over that name, like, “Dude, perfect! Hogbitch!Yes! Our place in rock history shall evermore be solidified!” I don’t think Razorcake’s the right place for this one. 

 –keith (Dogfingers)