HOBO BASTARD: Strange Wang: LP

Who are these guys? Are they someone’s favorite band somewhere? Is this cover supposed to be a tribute to the bad Photoshopped graphic design of twenty or twenty-five years ago, or is it on the level? Do they think they sound like the Ergs? Does the singer not know he keeps missing notes regularly, or is that his thing? Wouldn’t a good working definition of “good production” on a punk album be “it sounds good but it doesn’t sound like anyone spent a lot of time or money trying to make it sound good?” Where do these songs end and begin? Wouldn’t a lyric sheet have been a good idea? What happened to choruses? Are any of these song titles even in the song lyrics? Why do people write songs in time signatures where the top number is a multiple of three and the bottom number is a power of two? How many tempo changes can a record have before it stops holding any hope of a claim to being rock’n’roll? Oh! I kind of like this line in “Four Chords of Fucking Shit” that goes “I hope when my song is gone no one remembers.”Challenge accepted!BEST SONG: “Four Chords of Fucking Shit” BEST SONG TITLE: “Stoner Jam in BonerLand” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The message “I am the walrus, coo coo cachoo” (sic) is etched into the run-off grooves of both sides. 

 –norb (Boomchock!)