HOBART: Sorry I Asked: CD

Jun 23, 2009

Ever wonder what would happen if Leatherface put out an instrumental album? It would probably sound a lot like Sorry I Asked. This Hobart album is full of songs that build with tension and explode and build up the tension again. And there is some singing. The vocals aren’t bad. They don’t sound anything like Frankie Stubbs (only the music sounds like Leatherface). It’s just that the vocals are one of the least important parts of the songs here. The focus is more on the musicianship, which is excellent. These guys can play. And it doesn’t do them justice to compare them only to Leatherface. On top of that tension, explosion, more tension, Hobart also can mix in arty parts, not unlike Drive Like Jehu or the Hot Snakes. Overall, this is a nice little lost treasure. It’s definitely worth hunting down.

 –sean (Sumo Agnew)

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