HOBART: Self-titled: CDEP

Jul 28, 2009

The bass player of Hobart sent me this CD to review, along with a note saying that he’d read one of my reviews and decided that, judging from my review, I didn’t know shit about music in Tucson. He sent me a whole package of music that was supposed to educate me. In the package were a couple of Blacks seven inches (so I knew he had good taste); a CD he burned for me with a bunch of cool Tucson bands like the Weird Lovemakers, the Blacks, and Los Federales; and this CDEP. It was hell of a good package, and I’ll take criticism like that any day if the criticism comes with cool music to back it up. I’ll have to admit that I really scrutinized this EP the most, thinking to myself, if this guy says he knows so much about music, let’s see how he backs it up. So I listened really closely to these three Hobart songs as they came blaring out of my speakers all disjointed and noisy and solid and in blocks of time that far exceeded the requisite two-minute punk song. It was a little arty. I could hear some Hot Snakes in the guitar. The vocals started, and my first thought was, oh, shit, they should’ve stuck with just the instrumental parts. The songs continued to wind up and build into this crazy ball of tension. And, luckily, they remembered to bring on the rock. These songs were way better than I hoped they’d be. I decided to listen to the EP a few more times and hope that I could find something to criticize about them, but the more I listened, the less criticism I had. By the third listen, I even liked the vocals. What can I say? This shit rips. Consider me educated.

 –sean (Sumo Agnew)

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