HJERTESTOP: Aarh Fuck...: EP

Sep 23, 2009

Okay, this is the domestic pressing of their EP that originally came out in 2005 on Kick N Punch, then Adult Crash. There’s a Young Wasteners and Incontrollados connection here, and this band is of the same style: old style punk from Denmark. If you like stuff like City-X, and the Razorblades, or even a semi recent band like No Hope For The Kids, then you need to get this. Hjertestop pull off the retro sound with ease. The songs are tuneful, catchy, and well structured and played. I think my favorite of this record is “Vi Er Overalt” with its hyper tempo and classic guitar sound. Then there’s the song that kicks off the flip, “Ind I Lejren” that’s pretty ripping as well. Hell, this whole record rips. They switch up the tempos, create some tension, and pace this thing properly throughout. More than a mere collection of songs, this is a solid EP. I heard these guys played the L.A. area not too long ago. Come back so I can see you guys. I’ll take you to Punky Reggae Party when the show is done! Hjertestop translates to “heart failure.” Whoa!

 –M.Avrg (Fashionable Idiots, fashionableidiots.com)

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