HJERTE STOP: Äärh, Fuck… Der er HjerteStop!: 7” EP

Aug 01, 2006

What’s up with Denmark? Do they have a punk lab that distills some of the best and most exciting hardcore of yore (Minor Threat, Black Flag), then cross-pollinates it with the fresh wounds of recent bands like Career Suicide, Regulations, and No Hope For The Kids, while dangling a new pine-scented air freshener on the rearview mirror? Hjerte Stop’s part pioneering sprit, part lighting Molotov cocktails with extended middle fingers, part pissing in the mouths of cops, and part good, old-fashioned ripping along. They’re right in the vortex of a strong stable of Dutch bands that aren’t giving up nor slowing down.

 –todd (Kick n Punch)