Mar 06, 2007

Mitch Cartwright, former bass slinger for those sorely-missed nudniks The Humpers, has been rumbling on with his Hitchhikers the last four years with a hell of an impressive band that he’s now playing bass and singing for. Steve “Spills” Swailes, who you might’ve seen in the Neurotones, as well as various line-ups of The Gears and The Controllers, is also along for the ride on lead guitar. Musically, it’d be easy to compare the ‘Hikers to The Humpers, ‘cause the influence is there, but this particular group of nudniks are doing just fine. Key jingle-jangles here are “The New Son,” “Strychnine,” “Life of Crime,” and the song that will get your drunken, chain-smoking grandma up and shaking her ass, “Neckbone Stomp.” Catch ‘em out at their next gig, if given the chance (and keep your booze away from Spills).

 –dale (Hitchhikers, www.thehitchhikers.com)