Ex-Bleeder/Humper Mitch Cartwright has been out and about with this new band of his for some time now and I gotta admit, it’s actually pretty fucking cool to see him fronting his band, The Hitchhikers. Included in the fold is Steve “Stingy Brim” Spills (ex-Neurotones) and Eric (also an ex-Bleeder) on guitars. Pimp-slapping the kit is Marty (ex-He’s Dead Jim) and ya got Mitch pulling vocal duties while workin’ the bass gitter. How do they sound? Think of The Humpers showing The Supersuckers how it’s done, and with this demo, there’s some really cruisin’ rock and roll that thuds the back of yer ribcage, leaving a faint, sickening feeling in the pit of the stomach, unlike getting kicked in the nerts. Yep, it’s that good, fuckface, so save yourself the drunken, fist-swinging arguments amongst you and your dumbass friends and visit their website. As of now, their full-length has yet to come out, but logging onto their site will give you a chance to hear these tunes for yourself. Your animal porn site’s not going anywhere, so what’s your excuse? Just do it, you sick fuck. 

 –dale (www.thehitchhikers.com)