HISTORY INVADES: Vision Vanish Invisible: CD

Jul 23, 2007

After reading the press sheet and being prepared for something that would, “confront, contort, and confound your sense of what rock/punk/electronic music should be,” I can say what this left me with was a sense of what rock/punk/electronic music shouldn’t be. This is basically some heavily processed beats that have a bunch of equally heavily processed sounds and vocals going on all over the place, which adds up to hipster rave ambient music. I’m not against experimenting with punk rock because breaking outside the standard punk rock box can be absolutely inspiring (see Shellac, Nomeansno, The Minutemen, Slint, and The Locust, to name a few). This, on the other hand, sounds like some rejected Nine Inch Nails rhythm tracks overlaid with samples from Pure Moods CDs and some lazily drawled wannabe post-modern musings. To quote the press sheet again: “The word to name the sound isn’t available…” On the contrary I think it is: boring.

 –Adrian (Lujo)