HIRED GOONS: Demo: Cassette

Nov 13, 2013

86 Mentality style oi-influenced hardcore from Canada with those good Sheer Terror-style vocals. The recording is a little spotty (vocals and cymbals overtake the mix), but the songs are good and it is just a demo tape. There are these really cool, very minimal guitar overdubs on the tracks that on a better recording would stand out a lot better and show some good rethinking of the basic “one-two power chord riff” that will fare these guys well later on. The last song, “Red & Black,” is the slowest of the bunch and while I can’t make out much of the lyrics, it has a really good ominous and paranoid-sounding vibe to it. This was pretty limited and I think that when the label sent it to me they were already running really low, but this is definitely a band worth looking into for future releases.

 –Ian Wise (Nobody Cult, nobodycult.bigcartel.com)