HIPSHOT KILLER: They Will Try to Kill Us All: LP

From the moment the intro to “Anthem” kicked in, I was sold on They Will Try to Kill Us All, the second album from this Kansas City trio. The guitar had a wonderfully crisp and clear quality which reminded me of something that would sit well on a Stiff Little Fingers track. It kick started a song that was aptly named, featuring a huge singalong chorus. As I took in the rest of the record, I was pretty much blown away at how much better Hipshot Killer had become (to be fair, the band’s first album wasn’t bad either). The production allows each element to be heard individually but also pulls them together to create a dynamic and stirring sound which drives the album along with ease. The band has the rhythmic punch of Naked Raygun mixed with amelodicism similar to M.I.A.’s After the Fact. I’ve been playing this to death and the law of diminishing marginal returns has yet to rear its head. Somehow I doubt it ever will. This is destined to be a lifelong favorite. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (Throwing Things, throwingthingsrecords.com)