HINDI GUNS, THE: (Many Many) Miles Away: CD Single

Jan 12, 2010

It seems there are two The Hindi Guns—one from Los Angeles and one from Portland, Oregon—and appears that they share a couple of band members. Not that it matters much, as far as I can tell. For the record, this is the Stumptown version of the band. This is a great looking CD single designed to look like a 7” record. Unfortunately, the music doesn’t live up to the promise of the packaging. “(Many Many) Miles Away” alternates between a nonchalant groove during the verses and an awkward, cringe-inducing chorus. It’s the vocals that make this so unbearable a listening experience. I want to smack the slack jawed, Lou Reed vocal delivery out of the singer’s mouth. “Loaded Gun” is a Dandy Warhols throw away, which is saying it sucks something awful since the Dandy’s stuff is garbage. College indie rock, Brit pop wannabe schlock.

 –benke (French Fan Club, myspace.com/hindiguns)