HIGHER GIANT: Al’s Moustache: 7”

Jan 12, 2010

You know those supergroups that showcase aging, once-great punks crooning boring post-punk indignities? Fortunately, Higher Giant is not one of those bands. Instead, they’re an earnest, lovable melodic punk outfit featuring hardcore legend Ernie Parada (Token Entry) on vocals and guitar, backed by members of Warzone, Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Paint It Black, and The Arsons. Growing up doesn’t have to mean growing into lameness. As simplistic as hardcore pretends to be, there are some fucking sharp musicians hiding in the mix. Four of them are rocking out in Higher Giant. I can’t wait for a full-length from these guys. This EP is on beautiful colored vinyl, with a free digital download included. It’s a truly excellent sampling of unimposing, post-core brilliance. The emergence of Al’s Moustache will make you rethink your desire to euthanize the old guy in the back of the room.

 –Art Ettinger (Black Numbers, theblacknumbers.com)