HIGH SCHOOL: You Already Know: CD

Jul 18, 2011

Sometimes it’s weird to think that there is music about which people get really excited but is unknown to almost anyone outside of a group of friends or those at some local high school. They look forward to seeing the band in concert, singing along with the lyrics, and dancing. When the band is done with their latest recording, their friends and fans are all like, “I can’t wait to hear it!” and it brightens their day and excites them. When the final project is all put together and is delivered, those friends are so excited and stoked on having it in their hands and almost feel blessed at the opportunity to listen to it. The memories and experiences that the band has with one another and their friends playing in basements and with other bands that they are friends with—they’re all so important to that band and those in their community. Yeah, sometimes I forget all that when I review these releases. I can totally sense that the stuff I just wrote would apply to High School. That’s why it’s too bad I wasn’t really into their poor man’s Hot Water Music sound they put out on these eight songs. Oh well. These things happen. Good luck, guys!

 –kurt (Ghost Like Me)