HIGH ON FIRE: Luminiferous: CD/LP

Sep 17, 2015

Matt Pike is back. The frontman for the three-piece metal band has put on a shirt, given up drinking, and become a conspiracy theorist. While some things have changed in his personal life, High On Fire’s mission to bring fierce metal hasn’t. The rhythm section is tight as hell and Kurt Ballou’s production helps the band to sound great. From album to album, High On Fire has generally played the same sludgy riffs with Pike’s gravelly growl leading the way. Each release provides just enough variation to keep things interesting andLuminiferous seems to display more diversity than the band’s previous efforts. “Slave the Hive” is a fast thrash tune, perfect for starting a circle pit, while “The Cave” is the closest the band will ever come to a power ballad (not very close, but it’s a bluesy, more introspective tune for the band). Meanwhile, my favorite track on the album is a trudging, slightly melodic piece about a falcon (“The Falconist”). Go figure. It’s difficult to say there’s a “best” High On Fire album, but Luminiferous shows a band not content with the status quo and that makes it worth checking out for any metal fans. 

 –kurt ()