High on Blood at the End of the World: By Joel Kaplan, 284 pgs. By Steve Hart

Aug 16, 2013

High on Blood at the End of the World travels down some dark corridors, leaving no dirty room unexplored. Satanists, hypersexual teenage girls, serial killers, drug abusers, and incest-curious siblings tangle with each other in a novel of supernatural freakiness. Frank, the protagonist, is always up for adventure. Have some drugs? Don’t know what they are? Don’t know what they do? No problem for Frank. He’ll take ‘em. Need some dirty work done? Frank’s got this one handled. Wanna have some freaky sex? Just ask Frank, he’s up for it. The darkness of a small fucked-up town pervades every paragraph. It seeps onto the page like spilled oil. Everything in the town seems wrong, everyone has a secret, and nobody is safe. In order to survive, Frank is going to have to out-freak everyone.

Most of the characters in High on Blood are sketchy and flawed without any redeemable qualities; however, they are caught in an engaging story that’s difficult to put down. The writing and dialogue is incredibly strong and the imagery just jumps off the page. –Steve Hart (Kaplan Publishing, Sarasota, Fl.)

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