HIGH DIVE: Self-titled: CD

Jul 23, 2012

I ain’t exactly the world’s biggest Defiance, OH fan or anything, (Ryan Woods is in both groups) so I wasn’t expecting too much from this, but I gotta say I’m pleasantly surprised. This is catchy, jangly punk from Bloomington that focuses mainly on LGBT issues with a smattering of general “what does it all mean” type lyrics. The singer kinda sounds like Matt Tobey. (Mostly because neither one is necessarily gifted with an amazing singing voice but they just go for it and make it work for them anyway, though they occasionally use similar melodies, too.) High Dive isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel here, but there’s a lot to enjoy if you take the time to let the songs sink in. This one’s a grower.

 –Ryan Horky (No Idea, noidearecords.com)

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