HIDDEN SPOTS: Secret Noise: 7” EP

Jul 24, 2008

Part of the Chattanooga DIY punk brain trust, The Hidden Spots are an earnest, gruff, smiling, hard-working, deep-thinking force of a band. Think along the line of line cooks who know not only the overwhelming weight of being and how to make excellent things out of basic ingredients, but also harness the power of being a decent human being. Think along the lines of The Grabass Charlestons and Tim Version; golden statuettes could be made of all these dudes on their day-to-day awesomeness and even smaller golden statuettes should be given them to all of them for making consistently honest, self-examining, self-challenging music in a relative musical vacuum. (Beyond friends, dedicated fans, and family.) I read a lot of music books, and fans of great bands like the Minutemen and The Replacements lament how overlooked they were during their time; how the years have just proven how great the music was, aside from prevailing tastes and big stage novelty, and I can’t help but think it’s happening in the present tense with these dudes and folks like The Future Virgins. Celebrate this shit now.

 –todd (Plan-It-X South)