HI HO SILVER, AWAY!: Compromise: 7”+ CD

Sep 23, 2011

This is an interesting release because I really didn’t like anything about the seven inch. They call it folk punk but there isn’t even enough there to even pass as that. There’s some quiet noodling on here that could push it just a bit into the Joan Of Arc area, but just barely. The lyrics were really honest and deal with some serious shit, maybe a bit literal and flat, but good. It’s the music itself that I just can’t do anything with. There’s just not enough here to be interesting. I almost didn’t play the CD because I figured it was just going to be the same songs for upload. But no, on it was a whole slew of songs that prove there’s a lot more to this band than the dull tracks on the mediocre seven-inch. What you get with the CD is some upbeat, folky punk. The lyrics are positive and youthful, if at times naïve. It’s that Plan-It-X Records style of punk with vocals in the same variety. It’s really not my thing but it’s got some heart and moxie to it. Go on, do what you do.

 –Craven ([email protected])

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