HI-FI KILLERS, THE/LOS DRAGOS: CD version of split 7” for them that don’t have any turntable: CD

Aug 01, 2006

Hmmm… the first Hi-Fi Killers song sounds kinda like a he-man version of the Willowz (pre-total suckage), whilst the other sounds like a decent stab at Little Steven’s Underground Garage type music that has just breathlessly arrived at the dock, ticket-bearing arms flailing madly, only to see the ship sailing out to sea without them. The first Los Dragos tune starts off like the Dead Kennedys playing rockabilly with a mousetrap for a snare drum, then augments that with some tastily repulsive Greg Ginn/Gary Farrell guitar leads the likes of which i ain’t heard in a while. Second song is kinda more Mooney Suzuki-ish. Further observations have been withheld in lieu of a blank stare (stares). Okay, i’m done. BEST SONG: Hi-Fi Killers, “Broken Babe” BEST SONG TITLE: Los Dragos, “No Woman No Chain” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The disc graphic looks like a cross between the cover of the first Joe Jackson album and the paneling at that club The Raven in Denver.

 –norb (Nicotine)

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