HEY HEY LONESOME: $6, 4 ¼” x 5 ½”, 63 pgs.

Apr 27, 2012

Like Adam Gnade’s other novellas (not quite a novel but longer than a short story) this one isn’t the size of a regular book. So at sixty-three pages, it’s a quick read. Gnade continues with stories of his recurring characters in their late teens (and a few other older folks) that are centered on life in and around San Diego. The stories detail one day in the life of these individuals, with the primary focus a decision of whether making it to a party that night. There are the typical teenage shenanigans: alcohol, drugs, love, friendships, and stealing vehicles, as well as one of the older characters’ decision to go to a strip club. Even though these stories deal with frequent characters in Gnade’s storytelling universe, one can still enjoy this novella without having read his other works. I found the story lines to be interesting and engaging. One character is never focused on over another. They all got their allotted time in the picture and the reader can discover their personalities, even though this was such a short work. I’ve read other material by Gnade and felt this was some of his better stuff (although I do prefer his novel Hymn California the most). This would certainly serve as a fine introduction for those who wanted to get to know his work. (Punch Drunk Press, 1075 Reed Ave., San Diego, CA 92109)

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