HEY GIRL: Spill Your Guts!!: LP

Dec 13, 2007

In the earlier part of this decade, the Bay Area was blessed with a group of guys who played in various bands like Los Rabbis, Tommy Lasorda, and Poser Posse. They made some amazingly crazy punk rock and I feel privileged to have seen them the few times I did, and have the recordings I have of them. I actually only have one recording and it’s the Los Rabbis CD that was on S.P.A.M. Records. That CD features a song called “Hey Girl,” which I can only assume influenced this band’s name. Hey Girl remind me of Los Rabbis’ poppier moments, and “Hey Girl” was, without a doubt, their poppiest: same multi-vocaled, lo-fi, distorted, slop punk with just enough feedback to give it effect but not make it annoying. Bad ass.

 –Daryl Gussin (Thrillhouse)