HEXTALLS, THE: Get Smashed: CD

Competent, knowingly dumb (at least I hope it’s knowlingly), pop punk in the vein of the Queers (when they’re not being a surf band), Chixdiggit (or at least from what I can remember from the couple times I listened to them), or maybe the early Blink-182 stuff (before they were able to keep from putting boner jokes in their power ballads). I don’t think there’s exactly a glut of bands doing this kind of pop punk anymore that aren’t the Queers (who, at this point, are probably trying to be a ‘50s doo wop band), so if it’s your thing, this is worth a couple spins. I’m realizing that’s not really pull quote material, but so it goes. The odd: It’s really weird to start off your album with chanting the name of your singer. I dunno how I feel about that.

 –Adrian (Self-released, [email protected])