HEX DISPENSERS: Parallel: 7”

I know there are a lot of people around my age (circling forty) who got into punk rock just a little bit too late to miss some of the greatest bands in their prime. So many of the bands that I love had already put out their classic records and packed it in before I could see them live or buy their records when they were new. Thankfully this isn’t the case with the Hex Dispensers. Sure, I had to pick up a few 7”s and an LP once I jumped on board with their killer second full length Winchester Mystery House, but since that moment I have been right there with them, getting to see them play a couple of times and collecting great 7” after great 7”. Well, another one can be added to the pile of greatness. Parallel tells the tale of a near-death experience and a ripple in time and space. It’s a tightly woven story that will jar you and stick with you musically for days. It wouldn’t be a Hex Dispensers record without a cover, and this time they give us two to round the record out. A creepy song by a band called Knife In The River that is unknown (to me), but I can’t wait to check out. If I’ve learned anything from past records, it is that if the Hex Dispensers are covering someone I’ve never heard before, I should really check ‘em out (Occult Detective Club and Haunted George for instance). They close this beauty out with a cover of Misfits’ Hybrid Moments. It’s instantly clear that Alex has the pipes and menace to knock it out of the park. Okay gang, that’s a few singles since Winchester. Let’s dig up a new LP!

 –ty (Red Lounge)