May 26, 2008

How the Hex Dispensers are like Frankenstein’s monster: 1) Lightning from above. 2) Demon-like power. 3) Pissed, but rightfully so. 4) Stomping around right after their creation, looking for friends amongst unprejudiced innocents. Except, they do it in a musical village populated by the likes of The Marked Men and The Wipers (who they cover); it’s a pop-driven, power garage music world with kinship from The Brotherhood Of Electricity. How the Hex Dispensers are not like Frankenstein’s monster: 1) They actually have a name. 2) When they were created, their maker didn’t immediately flee and renounce his abomination. 3) The Hex Dispensers have both men and women in the band and Dr. Frankenstein ultimately reneged on his promise to make a lady monster for his dude monster, thus totally bumming his male monster out to the point where he eventually committed suicide above the Arctic Circle. Result: Hex Dispensers rock harder than a bad-ass, self-conflicted monster that could snap your neck with one hand.

 –todd (Douchemaster)