Sep 17, 2015

Is it okay to review friends’ bands even if you were a die-hard fan of the band long before you became friends? I hope so. Putting it plainly, Hex Dispensers are not just one of my favorite bands of the last five or ten years, they are one of my favorite bands of all time. Everything about their music works for me. It’s been a long time since their last LP Winchester Mystery House came out and III is well worth the wait. Part of the record takes songs that came out on various (out of print) 7”s in the last few years, and re-records them with the new lineup of the band (long-time bassist Rebecca moving to second guitar and Drew Schmitz stepping in on bass along with, as always, Alex Cuervo on guitar and vocals and Alyse on drums). It took me a few listens to get used to the new versions of some of the songs such as “Parallel” and “Agatha’s Antlers” because I listen to the original single versions so often but then the album as a whole clicked in my mind and it became a slice of perfection. Brand new songs such as “Trapped in the Amber” and “I Hope the Sun Explodes Today” are ridiculously good. I guess it’s obvious how much of a super fan I am. Unapologetically, I will add. Just know this: Hex Dispensers are essential listening. I don’t care who the band is, I will only say that if I believe it one hundred percent. Go get this record yesterday!

 –ty (Alien Snatch)