HEX BOMBS, THE: None Shall Be Forgotten: 7” EP

Jun 06, 2014

Notably, The Hex Bombs are the first band I have seen to ever use camouflage vinyl. The coloration is an approximate mix of that classic Army camouflage and the more recent Miller High Life camo cans you can find in the casserole cooking Midwest, which works for The Hex Bombs, a streetpunk group out of Kalamazoo. With the A-side, “None Shall Be Forgotten,” The Hex Bombs give a sincere sing-along ode to people in uniform with guest vocals by Mike McColgan, who is as catchy on this song as on any of his best work. (That alone might be a reason to check out this new release if you’re a Dropkick Murphys or Street Dogs fan looking for something new, but with familiar roots.) The B-side “Destination U.S.A.” is the faster of the two songs and runs a more comedic angle. Lyrically, it’s is a send-up of American mediocrity from a group that loves their country, but isn’t afraid to view it critically and sing to it satirically— “First in guns / last in science (sports, sports!)” is one memorable line. Check it out and confound your friends with the insane vinyl coloration. 

 –Jim Joyce (East Grand Records Company, eastgrandrc.com)