HEWHOCANNOTBENAMED: Sunday School Massacre: CD

May 13, 2011

What is the first thing you think of when you think of Dwarves’ guitar maniac HeWhoCannotBeNamed? All I can picture is wrestling masks and sweaty scrotum. How would you imagine that mask and balls would come across in an audio format? Well, actually it turned out pretty great. It’s like when Dee Dee would sing on Ramones songs. It sounds like the same band, but somehow different. The tracks here are pure Dwarves through and through, but HeWho’s voice is a little rougher than Blag’s, so it comes off slightly different. Speaking of Blag, he and other Dwarves make appearances as well. The subject matter is pretty much what you’re expecting, too. Sex, drugs and any/every deviant behavior know to man (and some unknown!). A great way to kill some time while waiting for that next Dwarves album.

 –ty (Greedy)