HESSIAN (A.D.): Manegarmr: LP

Jul 29, 2013

Sweet jeezamoli. Basically, I’m gonna be psyched as shit about anything that Belgium’s Church of Ra camp dabbles in (Amenra, Blind To Faith, Oathbreaker, etc.), but this Hessian LP easily defies my already-high expectations. Picture Clandestine or Left Hand Path-era Entombed (Manegarmr was even mixed at Stockholm’s historic Sunlight Studios by veritable architect of sonic heaviness Tomas Skogsberg) with a hearty dose of the Clevo sound, plus plenty of “blackened” melodic choices and you’d be on the right track. Smart, dark, vicious hardcore that’s absolutely vying for a spot in this year’s “best of” list.

 –Dave William (Southern Lord)