HEROINE SHEIKS, THE: Rape on the Installment Plan: CD

Nov 22, 2009

This is spine-tingling audial insanity... nefarious, noisy, and abnormally erratic... Butthole Surfers-style noise terrorism... an electroshock-induced sonic nervous breakdown. It's cacophonously comparable to thick coats of fluorescent candlewax melting in the mind and oozing snail-like out of the ears like serpentine streaks of alien-monster penis goop. After just one harrowing listen to this ear-plundering platter of twisted psychotic sounds, I feel as if I've been beaten within an inch of my life, violently lobotomized, and then left, bloodied and bruised, for a circling flock of flesh-starved vultures... indeed, beware the brain-rattling musical bewilderment that The Heroine Sheiks will hellishly heap upon you!

 –guest (Reptilian)