HERO DISHONEST: Kaikki Hajoaa: 7”

Been at it since 1999, the latest from the Finnish hardcore outfit continues their offensive with five new tracks. Following up last year’s full length, Alle Lujaa,the quartet goes at it entirely in Finnish. The first song brings up Die Kreuzen’s heavy melodic shtick and explodes into demon-conjuring, mic-eating vitriol. “Nälkälakko”—translated as “The Hunger Strike”—is a minute and some change of screamo, eye-bleeding, skull-bashing vocals over doom guitar. “Jumalan Selätys” is part ‘80s U.K. punk with stretched-out guitars and vocals shouted down an elevator shaft then pedaled up to a pit-shoving froth. “Tammikuun Seitsemäs” holds steady like a Black Flag track and hurtles headlong into a metal freak out. Bringing up the rear, the title track, which means “All the Breaks,” brings in elements of The Exploited. Seasoned veterans, the boys showcase their range in five very different tracks. On sturdy, high grade vinyl, this could serve as a great intro to their catalog or simply a balls-to-the-wall addition to your stack. Hardcore doesn’t get better than this. Recommended. 

 –Kristen K. (Peterwalkee)